Our group added 13 investment projects in April 2019

作者:SCGC | 日期:2019-05-15 16:11:26

From 1999 to April 2019, our group made 994 investments in the fields of IT technology/chip technology, opto-mechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, biomedicine, energy/environment, new materials/chemical engineering, Internet/new media, and more. The total investment amount is approximately 43.9 billion yuan. Among them, 13 new investment projects were added in April.


Projects List:


 Aluksen Technology Co., Ltd.

A company specializing in the development, production, sales and technical services of high-speed integrated circuit products, being the world's leading provider of optical interconnect chip products.


Radrock Technology Co., Ltd.

A RF device supplier with products based on Silicon Valley’s RF chip design technology that focuses on the development and sales of mobile RF front-end products, including RF power amplifier chips, substrates and RF front-end test systems.Products are widely used in mobile phones, the Internet of Things, the Internet of Vehicles, and other areas within the field of mobile terminals.


Tianjin HaoyangHuanyu Technology Co., Ltd.

A company committed to mobile Internet software development and market-oriented promotional operations. Among them, Handheld Tianjin is the first mobile Internet life service platform independently developed and operated by the company and has over 1 million local users in Tianjin.



Efort Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

As one of the leading domestic industrial robot manufacturersby measure of production and sales,the company provides customers with a full range of industrial robot products and cross-industry intelligent manufacturing solutions.


Shanghai SEP Analytical Services Co., Ltd.

A third-party inspection service platform for soil and groundwater dedicated to providing management consulting, technical services and project site management for agencies specializing in site inspection and evaluation, companies specializing in recovering contaminated sites, terminal companies, and government agencies.


Hangzhou Digital Network Technology Co., Ltd.

As a software product service company operating in the era of cloud computing,the company focuses on theindustry’s basic developmental platform, aiming to quickly bring goods flow, e-commerce, and cloud architecture technology products to the market in a systematicmanner.


Ziguantong Financial Technology Service (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

As asmart asset management platform of the mobile Internet’s big data, the companymainly provides solutionsrelated toinformation releasesof the Insurance Asset Management Association, product promotion and investment and financing partnerships.The company also provides services such as financial connections, online training, data services, report subscriptions, and precision marketing.


Luoyang Yuexing New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

A high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research & development, production, processing, sales and technical services of lithium ion battery anode materials.


Weihao (Guangzhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

A company committed to the development and sales of high-performance analog and digital-analog hybrid circuits and system solutions.


Zhejiang Laifual Harmonic Gear Drive Co., Ltd.

A company specializing in high-precision harmonic reducers. The precision harmonic reducer developed and produced by the company features high reliability, high precision, high torque, long lifespan, high speed and minimal volume. It is widely used in robots, aerospace equipment, CNC machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, precision mechanical drive control and other fields.


BiotreeCo., Ltd.

A high-tech company specializing in the application of life science research technologies to the life sciences industry, dedicated to providing clients with systematic and comprehensive life science research solutions.


Hynar Water Group Co., Ltd.

A company that specializes in the investment, construction and operational management of water and environmental protection (water supply, sewage treatment, water environment treatment, sludge solid waste, etc.) and related businesses (heat supply, new energy, etc.). The company has undertaken over 300 water and environmental protection projects and over 30 water and environmental protection projects.Projects span across China’s 23 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.


Innoviz Technologies Ltd

Innoviz is a manufacturer of InnovizPro, a LiDAR product for automotive and other applications, and InnovizOne, a LiDAR product for autonomous driving along with a computer vision software as part of the package.