Shenzhen Capital Group made 9 new investments in March 2019

作者:深创投 | 日期:2019-04-11 11:52:48

From 1999 to March 2019, our group invested in 981 projects in the fields of IT technology/chip, opto-mechatronics/advanced manufacturing, consumer goods/logistics/chain services, biotechnology, energy/environment, new materials/chemicals, internet/new media. The total investment amount is about 43.1 billion RMB. Among them, 9 new investment projects were added in March.

Project List:

Shenzhen Dijuhaisi Technology Co., Ltd.
A healthcare information system company with leading technologies, specializing in providingdigital solutions in the field of clinical care. The company possesses 10 years of experience in medical information system development&service.

XuanchengYanyi New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
A new energy materialsproductiontechnology company that gathers elites and highly-educated talentsin the lithium battery industryto specialize in the research, development and sales of high-performingnew energy materials.

Xi’an YinuoJingye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Ahigh-tech company that professionally specializes in security monitoring,integrating information systems, image information processing, file digitizing and software development.

Beijing Lidakang Technology Co., Ltd.
A high-tech enterprise that integrates scientific research and production together with sales services,focusing on the medical implants industry. Main products include a hip device made of a microporous titanium alloy, a knee device designed to stabilize the knee after hyperflexion, a grouped bone tumor joint device, a classic coral microporous hip joint device developed after30 years of highly-extensive clinical testingand more.

HuaruiXinzhi Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
A national high-tech enterprise that focuses on developing a new generation of AI technology, guided primarilyby the company’s own independent technological research and innovation. The company is developing a generation of new knowledge in the AI computing service platform, and is applying such findings tothe industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, and other fields.The company seeks to provide the world's leading AIsolutions for flexibility within factory structures within the manufacturing industry.

Montage Technology Co., Ltd.
Committed to providing high-performance chip solutions for cloud computing and AI, the company has been deeply involved in the memory interface chip market for over ten years. The company has launched the DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 series of high-speed, large-capacity memory buffer solutions in order to meet the increasing demand for faster data transfer rates and greater capacities in cloud computing data centers.

Xiamen Jiwei Information Technology Co., Ltd.
With the integrated circuit industry as the core industry, the company covers the entire electronics industry chain’s professional media, with user coverage ranging from IC materials to IC equipment, IC design, IC manufacturing, package testing and all practitioners in the process of all end products and peripheral devices, as well as featuring industry analysts, media and relevant government officials involved in the process.

Shanghai Bide Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
A high-tech enterprise with a focus on the research & development, production, sales and synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates. The company has consistently maintained credibility and prioritized quality as their first mission statement since its inception. The company’s products are widely utilized in the fields of life science, organic chemistry, materials science, analytical chemistry and other disciplines of research and development,with the scope of theirproduction and salesspanning across the globe.

Jiangsu Zaichi Technology Co., Ltd.
As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of silicon-based anode materials for lithium batteries, their main goods produced include highly purenanosilicon particles, silicon monoxide, surface modification materials and more.